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Welcome to Israel Visa Application Centre, Sri Lanka (VAC)

Important Note:

Dear All, This is to inform you that Israel Visa Services (IVS) in Colombo will be closed on 21st July'21 & 23rd July'21 on account of: Hadji Esala full moon poya day.

Important Note:

This is to inform you that IVS Processing in Colombo(IVS Centre), Srilanka is not open due to lockdown imposed by Government of Srilanka till further notice.

Israel Travel Update- 11th March, 2021

As of 08 March 2021, according to the Government's decision, the responsibility for examining the entry of foreigners into Israel is in the hands of the Permits Committee headed by the Population and Immigration ministry.

All Foreign Nationals will have to present before boarding:

Approval from the Population and Immigration Ministry.

Please refer to the link: https://govforms.gov.il/mw/forms/ExceptionsRequest@morc.gov.il

PCR test with a negative finding for the coronavirus performed up to 72 hours before departure from the country of origin, subject to further testing upon arrival in Israel.

Entry of foreigners into Israel is subject to presenting health insurance (including a clause covering corona disease).

In special cases mentioned below, the entry of foreigners into Israel will be allowed (Subject to the approval of the permits Committee https://govforms.gov.il/mw/forms/ExceptionsRequest@morc.gov.il):

Foreigners / Spouses of Israeli citizens / permanent residents/parents of a child who is an Israeli citizen or a permanent resident may enter Israel in the following cases:

Receiving essential medical care that does not suffer from procrastination, for the passenger or for another person dependent on him.

Participation in the funeral of a first-degree relative, including participation in the funeral of a deceased person brought for burial in Israel.

Assistance to a first-degree relative who is in distress, and who is unable to be assisted by another person who is in Israel

Arriving for a legal proceeding to which the person is required to participate, and provided that his remote participation is not appropriate in the circumstances of the case

A woman in the third trimester of her pregnancy- in the case of her being married to an Israeli citizen and be registered in the Interior Ministry

A humanitarian case or a special personal need that requires entry into Israel.

Aliya: Anyone who holds an immigrant visa or is entitled to immigrant rights and whose immigration cannot be postponed must be accompanied by a permit from the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption or the Jewish Agency.

A foreign worker needed to maintain the functional continuity of the economy:

Experts - A request submitted by the foreign expert's employer, to which must be attached a recommendation from a relevant government ministry (health, economy, energy, transportation, etc.) that there is a need for the expert's entry to maintain the functional continuity of the economy. In addition, a permit application must be attached. The application will be submitted to the relevant government office.


Home Nursing – Requests for entry of foreign workers in the nursing industry which have been approved by the Embassy /Consulate (Even if the validity of the permit expired during the month of February (will be examined by the committee, together with the accompanying documents and in accordance with all the data, the decision will be made.

The requests should be submitted by the candidate agency with the permit committee form and all the additional paperwork to:


Students – will not be allowed to enter until 27.03.21

For additional information on how foreigners can enter Israel please enter the link:


Ayubowa! Sri-Lanka Visa Processing is an exclusive service provider for the peninsular territory of Sri Lanka. We are certified to provide bureaucratic support services to outsource Israel visa. Our organization welcomes sojourners from different cities to capture the mesmerizing Sri Lanka at it’s best. This Website has all the necessary information, starting from Visa application to guideline and requirements of documents for submission. Israel Visa Processing center In Sri Lanka provides all facilities where you can submit your visa application with supporting documents.

Israel visa application center Sri Lanka provides the visa application support service only. Staff members of visa application center have no power over the outcome of an application. The decision to issue or refuse a visa is solely by the Embassy of Israel/Consulate General of Israel. Israel visa application center Sri Lanka role is entirely impartial.

In case the Visa Approval process takes longer than our customer service targets then it is stated that neither the Israel Visa application centres nor the Israel Embassy shall be responsible in any manner whatsoever and the Applicant shall be the sole bearer of all risk and consequences." Please note that acceptance and rejection of Visas is at the sole discretion of the Israel Embassy & fees paid are non-refundable.

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